About Us

Can I get food assistance at FEED NOVA SCOTIA?


Since FEED NOVA SCOTIA is a distribution centre, we don’t give food directly to individuals, but we will help you find the nearest food bank or meal program and give you all the information you need to get assistance. Click here for more information.


How does FEED NOVA SCOTIA receive funding?

FEED NOVA SCOTIA is a registered charitable organization. We rely entirely on charitable donations from the community to fulfil our mission.

How does a food bank or meal program become a member agency of FEED NOVA SCOTIA?

We applaud the efforts of local food banks and meal programs, and we welcome the opportunity to support you in meeting the needs of individuals in your community. For information on becoming a member agency of FEED NOVA SCOTIA, please contact us at 902-457-1900. Applications are approved based on areas of greatest need and our capacity to support the agency requesting membership.

Where do the food donations come from?

Food comes to us from a variety of sources. The following is a breakdown for the 2015-16 fiscal period:


Corporate and individual
Reclaimed food from wholesalers and grocers
National Food Sharing System
Prepared food donated by hospitals, hotels, etc.
Food purchased by FEED NOVA SCOTIA


Does FEED NOVA SCOTIA belong to a national food banking organization?

We are Nova Scotia's member of Food Banks Canada, a national charitable organization that represents the food bank community across the country.


When was FEED NOVA SCOTIA established?

FEED NOVA SCOTIA first opened its doors in 1984 as the Metro Food Bank Society to provide emergency food relief within Halifax/Dartmouth. It was an initiative of the faith and corporate communities. In 2002, at the request of our member agencies, the Metro Food Bank Society became the umbrella organization for food banks across Nova Scotia. In 2005, we officially rebranded as FEED NOVA SCOTIA to reflect our provincial mandate. Today, FEED NOVA SCOTIA distributes food to a network of 146 food banks and meal programs across Nova Scotia.

How do we know people who visit food banks really need them?

Different food banks have different ways of processing new applications for client support. At FEED NOVA SCOTIA we are proud to uphold the principles of a code of ethics that state "everyone in Canada has the right to their daily sustenance and an existence which ensures that this condition is possible" and we value the principles of respect and compassion. We feel mandating such things as proof of income and details of legal guardianship are inconsistent with these values. We know that for many people who struggle with food insecurity, it is difficult to ask for help from a food bank or meal program. We believe there has to be a certain level of trust that is built into the client support process.


The monthly data we collect from our member agencies indicates that 70% of households accessing support from a food bank in 2014 did so 6 times or less.